Solutions for industrial lifting




Câble de treuil ino-rope
Câble de treuil ino-rope

Le cordage au cœur des installations industriellesSolutions for industrial lifting:

Based on our knowledge of modern fibres, we are capable of developing our textile solutions for many fields, such as the industrial sector in particular. Our rope-based solutions have various applications that replace steel and its associated drawbacks:

– lifting cables/hoist cables
– purchase systems
– filament winding cables
– connectors and accessories

Lifting cables/hoist cables: our lanyard systems:

Our high performance textile cable lanyards are made of a synthetic cable with a spliced eye at each end.
Lifting cable applications are numerous and concern various fields of activity. Tugging or lifting accessories, our lanyards are indispensable both for boat handling operations, winching up to a helicopter, rigging (construction worksites) and goods transport (stowage lanyards).
Materials: Polypropylene, polyamide (Nylon), polyester, high modulus polyethylene (Dyneema, HPME, UHPME), aramids (Kevlar, Technora), PBO

loop gaine dyneema ino-rope

Purchase systems/spreader bars:

Purchase systems are indispensable to spread the force deployed by a lifting or tension system. The combination of our blocks, custom-made connectors and cables optimise the efforts and thus the necessary energy to lift a given load.
We can help you to design your purchases so as to adapt the amplifying load and integrate the different accessories necessary to use our systems adequately.

Filament winding cables:

Filament winding is a technology often used in the design of standing rigging cables for racing boats. It is also used for crane shrouding sectors, anchoring of offshore projects and even architecture.
If precision and stability over time are important criteria in your guidelines, the filament winding cable solution may meet your needs. This technology of synthetic cable manufacturing also comes with the double advantage of choosing from a wide range of materials and adapting to complex endings (metallic or composite).

In order to guarantee the reliability and quality of our filament winding cables, we work with several subcontractors. We select solid, certified references in different industrial sectors.

Safety warranty:

All of our solutions are produced as a series following strict manufacturing processes. We can thus guarantee a safety coefficient for each of our products. This safety coefficient is a ratio between the textile cable breaking loads and the MWL (minimum working load). It varies according to the nature of lanyards and uses.