[ NEW ] Mooring line ballasts: identification form


The special mooring line ballasts that had been in the pipeline at Ino-Rope for a while have now made it to the workshop!

Distinguishing feature: entirely conceived and designed by our design office for our innovative mooring lines.

Technical Characteristics : 


Made in France with our founder partner in the Bouches du Rhones department.

> Materials: 100% cast iron, it is made from remainders of other productions of the foundry. It is composed of two half-shells held by screws and nuts and bolts.-A layer of paint prevents the material from corroding.

> Weight: 10 kg when assembled

Product focus:


Goal: the ballast replaces the metre of chain that initially ballasted our lines. As a replacement of the chain, the mooring ballast further reduces the impact of the line on the seabed.

Function: to make the rope drop right under the buoy to make sailing easier. The ballast also adds shock absorption to the line. The ballast is positioned and maintained on the line by a rope so as not to disassemble it.