Production as a series: 96 bow and stern moorings, Billiers (56)


Assembly type: bow and stern

96 bow and stern moorings
– 480 lines (5 lines per mooring)
– 960 splices

– Selected Materials: cost-efficient Ino-Rope solution in stranded Polyamide and stainless steel thimbles



The town of Billiers is located on the right bank of the Vilaine estuary, in the south-east of the Morbihan (56), France. The Saint-Éloi River crosses it and flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Pen Lan. The sandbar known as the “Sable de Bétahon” shelters the grounding port at Billiers from dominant winds. Two small islands stand in the middle of the harbour: known as the Galiennes, they are covered in statice in the summer. The port includes 97 mooring places and a launching slipway. Leisure boaters can also moor directly along the quay. The bow and stern mooring lines designed by Ino-Rope can be found in the mouth of La Vilaine.



To provide in a short period of time (only 3 weeks) a complete solution of innovative mooring lines that are both easy to set up and cost-efficient. A demand from the town that had to replace all of its moorings in August 2020.




After elaborating on and approving the guidelines required by the town hall, Ino-Rope managed to provide 4.3 km of ropes in less than 3 weeks. A creation in record timing that highlights the industrialisation means developed for these bow and stern mooring lines to produce small and medium series over a given period of time (up to 80 innovative mooring lines a day)