Our job: Integrating textile solutions
to yachting and industry

From racing boats to environmentally-friendly mooring lines, via the shrouding of civil and military structures and offshore connectors,
our textile solutions allow for considerable gains, both in weight reduction and miniaturization, safety and durability…

Our R&D department constantly surveys and develops new textile concepts…
… always starting from scratch to keep things simple!

We come from open sea racing.
Our prototypes are tested in the most extreme conditions…

Each approved idea is then industrialised…
…working with local subcontractors in a short distribution channel.

A webshop, renowned ambassadors, strong partners, a budding global distribution network…
…allow us to share our solutions with all sectors!

Ino-Rope, the textile solution!

metres of transformed ropes

nautical miles sailed by the textile block concept

splices created in our workshops

Our main partners and suppliers :

Our R&D and technology partners :

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