High-tech fibers
at the core
of our innovations

Our job : creating
products and solutions
with high tech textile fibers.

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High-Tech fibers at the core of our innovations

High tech textile fibers have revolutionized the worlds of sailing and industry. All our innovations are de-veloped with these fibers (Dyneema®, Kevlar®, etc.), whose exceptional mechanical properties we ex-ploit to imagine, design and commercialize highly technical products and solutions.

Our products, whose essential structure is rope-based, have a shared identity card: they are both simple and reliable, resistant yet light, efficient and designed to last. These unique technical characteristics open up extremely broad fields of application for our products and solutions.

To boost our capacity to innovate and push our expertise to the highest level, our R&D department and design team join forces by working hand in hand with trustworthy technical partners such as VMG Yacht Design.


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Industrial sectors


> Chandlery
> Running rigging
> Standing rigging
> Boating and racing


> Aquaculture products
> Innovative mooring lines
> Towing lines
> Dock mooring systems


> Strops
> Guy lines
> Umbilical cables
> Hoisting Systems

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