Silenseas Success story : Sailing cruise ship created by Chantiers de l’Atlantique


– 2 40T WL* blocks (just the rings = 200 tons) for the mainsail sheet

– 3 13T WL* blocks including 2 with beckets for the genoa and reversed backstay block and tackle sheets

– 5 connectors (shackles and single strops) + deck fittings (cylinder heads)

*WL = working Load



In 2019, relying on new developments and tests, Chantiers de l’Atlantique came up with a concept named Silenseas +. This hybrid ship concept propelled by sails will also integrate dual-fuel engines, thus enabling the ship to respect its cruise schedule. The sails, combined to dual-fuel engines, are already decisive elements respecting the future regulatory requirements in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (European Green Deal).



Ino-Rope accompanied the creation of a first prototype (demonstrator) launched in September 2021 by designing deck fittings (very high load blocks and textile connectors). A major challenge since each sail measures up to 1200m2 (to compare: about 600 m2 for a 60 footer boat).



Our Ino-Rope design office accompanied the Silenseas project from the start: from the definition of the main cable to the system development. Thanks to our capacity to develop tailor-made heavy-load products with great value for money, we adapted our low-friction block system to the project’s necessary working loads. A total of 5 custom-made heavy duty blocks were produced by Ino-Rope to support the mainsail, genoa and backstay block and tackle sheets of the sailing cruise ship. These products were developed in close collaboration with local service providers: