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Architectural Project: decorating electric pylons in Qatar



Ropes and knots, rigging techniques





Aubrilam is a company that specialises in urban planning. It designs and manufactures urban furniture and layouts in France and around the world. Public or private, Aubrilam’s clients can be found in many sectors: communities, real estate promoters, property, restaurant chains, service stations, leisure centres, retail, all over the world.





Designing the decoration of electricity poles to fit the urban landscape harmoniously.




Specialised in urban landscaping, Aubrilam appealed to Ino-Rope with a clear challenge: to conceive a decoration for lampposts to be harmoniously integrated into the urban setting. The guidelines our client had come with mentioned an “old sailing ship mast” effect with natural colours and a traditional aspect. Selecting the adequate material was our starting point; finding a rope that met these criteria but that was also resistant to the weather conditions, more specifically high temperatures and UV, in a climate as exposed as Qatar’s.
We then focused on the technical development of the installation to provide a decoration that is long-lasting and can easily be reproduced for all pylons. The last stage of the project was to train the operators to install them on location.